If you are in need of international transport services or looking for new business partners in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Post-Soviet states, our company can help with both.

We can arrange any mode of transport – air, water, land or rail – and determine what is the best combination when multiple modes of transport need to be used. We can transport a variety of cargo, including non-standard and dangerous items, using our wide network of international partners to plan the best possible route. We use reliable transshipment warehouses and closely monitor and document the entire journey of your cargo, from pick up to delivery. We can also provide flexible conditions for insurance of your goods.

We will provide you with an optimized cost calculation for all your import and export activities, make sure that all deadlines are met and guarantee the safety of your goods.

Apart from transport services, we also provide legal counseling and help our clients deal with potential issues quickly and efficiently.

Our services can be purchased both as a package or individually, based on the client’s needs.

Do you have a question about international transport? Our team of experts will be happy to assist you and provide in-depth consulting services.